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Maryanne Paterson

Maryanne stepped onto her first film set in october 2007.  She has since Produced 5 short films, Directed 2 , been Production Manager on 2 and Production assistant on a feature.  12 months after she started in film Maryanne will Produce her first feature in October 2008.

For years Maryanne has been a dedicated writer, writing 18 screenplays, in a range of genre's, comedy being her favourite.  She has suspence/thriller, action, drama, suspence/drama, comedy and australian comedy.  After spending years writing she was invited to make a short film for the 48 hour film festival.. this catapulted her into the film industry and into a new career.


A Writers Imagination is for all writers and industry proffessionals to utilise.. it is still a free site for industry proffessionals to offering their services...Please feel free to brouse around and email me if you see somthing that takes your fancy...














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Maryanne Paterson

Screenplay Writer/Producer









Nothing is better than living life to the fullest...Have no regrets.

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